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WISekey provides since more than 20 years digital identities to people, applications and connected devices, based on a scalable managed Public Key Infrastructure and a Swiss based cryptographic Root of Trust that serves as a common trust anchor to ensure the integrity of electronic transactions.

Based on this strong track record in digital security, WISeKey developed the security framework WISeKeyIoT to bring trust to Industrial IoT applications.

To take informed decisions and control devices correctly to increase productivity, improve preventive maintenance and reduce production costs, Industrial systems must be able to rely on an infrastructure free of risks of cyber-attacks. WISekeyIoT provides effective means to mitigate these risks, by applying device authentication through the use of digital certificates based on Elliptic Curve cryptography and building message protection through the use of standards proven secure messaging schemes.

At the heart of the system, the Security Broker INeS connected to your IoT platform enhances the security of applications, manages initial device on-boarding and subsequent authentication, secures communication, controls lifecycles and provides security monitoring and audit logs.
Throughout the life cycle of the device, from production to first connection, operation and revocation, INeS allows operators to keep total control over the security of the system.
It links to WISekey’s powerful Certificate Management System, ISTANA, tailored for industrial IoT requirements in speed and volume of transactions. On the device side, the tamper resistant secure element VaultIC securely provisions a unique digital identity to a device, eliminating risks with sensitive asset management during production and protecting the assets in operation against physical and logical attacks.

Our Certificate Authorities, Security Brokers, Management Systems and tamper resistant secure microcontrollers are regularly audited and accredited with highest grade Webtrust, FIPS and Common Criteria certifications.

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