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IIoT is out of its growth years and into its prime. With these prime years comes responsibility, partnerships and commitments.


IIoT has seen tremendous growth and almost everything has been connected, however, the question to ask is, have things been connected the way it should be? Is the data being used responsibly amidst all the data laws? Is AI the right partner for IOT moving ahead? Is the return on investment going to show up finally?


In the previous editions, we have addressed the overbuzzed hype and the potential of the disruption. At the 5th Annual Conference of Things, we take a look at your role, decisions and influence to shape the digital future of your organisation to address some of the crucial questions facing us in manufacturing at the turn of the decade. Get industry acumen on optimising your data collection, faster processing in the edge and harmonising legacy systems with your modern arsenal. The conference will cover three tracks: Leveraging your Connections, Social-Moral-Security Concerns and Adopting Business AI.




Rohit Agarwal
Editorial Director

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