The Internet of Things is not exclusive anymore.

But the Conference of Things, offers manufacturers a fresh angle. And the interest for the second event, is even bigger than for last years launch… already!

- The basic premise of the event, is that it is a manufacturing event for manufacturers, says Copperbergs Stephen Brogarth.



Of course, ”everyone” out there already knows, about the Internet of Things.

- It’s arguably the biggest disruptive change since the dotcom boom, or the introduction of mobile communication into business, says Stephen Brogarth, senior business advisor at Copperberg.

But the Internet of Things, has of course already been successfully sold as a concept. It is already here. Machines are connected, and data is being captured.

Now it’s time, for phase two, Stephen Brogarth says. Hence, ”The Conference of Things”.

- The topic is IoT, but the focus is on how this can help improve the manufacturing sector, and what improvements to the sector it can create. Rather than it being an ordinary IoT event.

IoT is for real. But:

- Now it’s about exploiting it, using IoT to change all facets of business. From better customer communication, to better service, to improved productivity and efficiency. In order to do this, help from the technology experts is needed. And this is why, this is such a crucial time, to be out there discussing the Internet of Things. As the investments, are being made.

According to Brogarth, it also seems to be a vital time right now, and a big trend, to create strong technological partnerships between hardware manufacturers and software manufacturers.

- Sponsoring this event, The Conference of  Things, is an opportunity for more partners and to get more business. It’s that simple, really.

There are of course, already, hotspots for people who want to go to IoT shows, or for people who already are in business in IoT, to meet.

But Copperbergs 2nd annual Conference of Things, at the Quality Hotel Globe in Stockholm on November 21 and 22 cuts to the chase.

Yes, it’s about connectivity and software and hardware. But above all: it’s about manufacturers meeting, and doing serious business.

Benefits of securing your 2016 partnership now:

  1. Get direct access to senior level decision-makers
  2. Limited Partner secure your preferred features
  3. Benefit from the Global Influence the event’s content
  4. Support early production process
  5. Be among the first to utilize our newest lead generation tools
  6. Benefit from expanded marketing campaigns
  7. By invitation only; All attendees are care fully screened for business critical issues

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