Survey report

Executive Summary Designed to present a general overview of Internet of Things (IoT) and its impact on the business in various organisations throughout Europe, the survey shows good awareness of IoT capabilities but also challenges and opportunities. Although the respondents are coming from various industry verticals and job roles, many see similar opportunities and challenges. Despite IoT still being in it’s infancy, 55% of respondents already believe that it will give them a competitive edge within the next 18 months. 35% of respondents stated that they were unsure of the advantage they would gain, highlighting the need for further discussion and education. Within the manufacturing industry 82% feel that IoT will change how products are developed, 92% feel that IoT will change business processes and models, and 94% feel that IoT will change how products are serviced. Results show that IoT will certainly have a significant impact on business moving forward. About this survey “IoT in the manufacturing industry 2014” is a quantitative research focusing on Internet of Things trends in manufacturing organisations. Created to seek input from the global manufacturing community and our delegate network, the survey evaluates the current market awareness about IoT, it´s benefits, potential areas of implementation and investment, potential challenges, tools, and the definitive future outlook. This is a first edition of the research and the intention is to develop in the following years. Methodology An online survey was conducted from 26th of March 2014 to 29th of April 2014. A target group from our community members (3700) were invited in the survey; 292 responded, for an overall response rate of 7.9 %. The survey was answered by respondents from various organisations across the manufacturing industry in Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa. Conference-of-Things-2015-reportDownload the Internet of Things report 2014 by Copperberg Research as a PDF- file: Internet of Things report 2014 by Copperberg Research.pdf To get involved, join our community online:            
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