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How do you prepare your business for disruptive change? In a world of fluctuating market dynamics, disruptive technologies, changing customer expectations, and shifting competitive landscape, are you doing everything you can to meet those new needs, and create frictionless business models that deliver value?


Digital should be a company-wide effort; is everyone within your organization onboard the digital transformation wagon to support your IoT initiatives? And have you considered the security aspects of your IoT strategy? Have you made your workforce ready for new competencies required?


The 4th Annual Conference of Things will be your opportunity not only to learn from your peers, but to share your journey so far, get feedback, and benchmark to see where you stand. Our unique format will give you the opportunity to choose 4 discussion groups throughout the event, as well as join visionary keynotes, and interactive panel discussions to get a holistic approach on the complex IoT ecosystem.


I look forward to seeing you there.




Thomas Igou

Content Director


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